Your Channel

Build your own online TV channel from live events coverage, corporate netcasts, video-on-demand and online community building.

Online TV enables you to reach national and international audiences, communicate your messages effectively and generate user interest and audience information.

MediaStream can build and curate an online video channel that is distributed to your customer base, staff, or business partners over the internet.

Use your video assets to motivate staff and provide in-depth knowledge of products, inform your partners of your activities or promote your enterprise to your chosen audience.

Your TV channel can engage your online community by providing interactive features such as a video archive (VOD) optimized with text, graphics, dynamic user interactivity (e.g. live chat), informative articles, company news and search-engine optimisation (SEO).

Engage with your audience, build your treasure trove of online video assets and get valuable feedback from and about your viewers with our online channel development services.