Video Services

MediaStream provides professional video services for events and corporate television productions.

We can record and broadcast your event or performance using multi-camera setups to reach audiences anywhere in the world.

Corporate television productions can be conducted in a studio environment or as a temporary setup at your premises. Our creative team will design the perfect production to suit your communications needs, including curating your online channel to create dynamic and interactive content that engages with your online community.

We also produce video news releases that can be included in your electronic press kit and we can assist you with distribution of video assets to broadcasters and online news outlets.

Our services include:

  • Virtual sets
  • Live streaming
  • Graphic overlays
  • Video news release
  • Chat forum moderation
  • Live keying (green screen)
  • Slide presentation inclusion
  • Monetizing content streams
  • Live multi-camera productions
  • Production of pre-recorded video clips
  • Online content curation and distribution
  • Online community-building through user-interactivity and marketing